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Why are IT traineeships at FlowFactor so sought-after?

Spring straight into action

Traineeships are the perfect opportunity for testing your knowledge on the job and further honing your skills. 2 targets that you’ll certainly achieve at FlowFactor. Take up one of our IT traineeships and you’ll get to roll up your sleeves and explore the limits of your brain.

Our trainees aren’t asked to perform a series of meaningless tasks; but are instead set to work on concrete assignments with project responsibility in live environments. You’ll also end up at a top notch technology company. And, you’ll not encounter such exceptional expertise in niche domains anywhere else in Flanders. Indeed, we’re the exclusive IBM partner for state-of-the-art technology in the field of DevOps, middleware and cloud engineering.

Thus you get to learn on the work floor and from senior IBM consultants and colleagues who gladly share their knowledge. Providing a kick-start to your future at the very least, and perhaps even the springboard to a fulfilling career at FlowFactor. Your fellow students will be green with envy!

Already chomping at the bit?

So are we! So why not send us some information about your education, traineeship period and IT passions? That way we can begin exploring which projects you can get your teeth into during your traineeship.


Why we’re so keen to promote ourselves as a traineeship company

Knowledge transfer, team effort and project responsibility are paramount to the DevOps philosophy. As DevOps Powerhouse we consequently attach considerable importance to knowledge sharing. Offering traineeships is one of the many ways in which we fulfill our DevOps promise.

Of course, as an innovative company we’re also regularly on the look-out for talent. However, you cannot (yet) acquire our specific expertise in the classroom. Offering IT traineeships is the opportunity for spotting exceptional talent and attracting Young Potential to our job vacancies.

For schools

Searching for interesting IT traineeships for your students or experienced IT professionals for another educational project? Send us an email with a word of explanation or contact us directly with your specific enquiry.