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Managed Services

IT audit & advice

IT audit & advice

Managed Services

Managed Services

Managed Service Provider with an end-to-end service package

Single Point of Contact

One single point of contact is sufficient for all your digital ambitions. As a managed service provider with a comprehensive range of services, we at FlowFactor can offer a full service at every stage of your project. FlowFactor is your preferred SPOC partner for all your cloud, middleware and application infrastructure requirements.

Our managed IT services at a glance

Advice & Consultancy

Brainstorming an abstract concept or a concrete IT-related issue? Our versatile DevOps engineers actively apply their multi-skilled expertise to solving your problem. In doing so, we formulate considered advice, second opinions and practical solutions.

POC & Testing

Would your current IT infrastructure pass the critical scrutiny of our system engineers? The specialists at managed service provider FlowFactor clearly identify points for improvement. We can optionally develop real-world Proof of Concepts enabling you to test the operation of our theoretical concepts in practice.

Implementation & Configuration

Planning to implement a public, private or hybrid cloud environment? Searching for a private cloud solution based on containers or cloud in a box with PureApp pattern implementation? Keen to optimise your existing management processes? You can likewise count on your managed service provider for all this and more.

Outsourcing & Staffing

Highly specialised DevOps engineers are in short supply. Fortunately, you can also opt to strengthen your internal IT service via staffing & outsourcing. This enables you to harness our specialised knowledge in-house, without having to come through the War for Talent. This can be either on a project or long-term basis.


As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we’re in direct contact with the IBM headquarters. We also have access to the latest tools and technology for an unrivalled support service. You can opt for remote and/or on-site support, either on demand or according to SLA agreements.

Niche solutions

We actively draw on our IBIZZ partner netwerk for more specific, innovative open-source and IBM-related solutions. We work closely with a variety of specialised Cronos groep sister companies in order to assist you with top-notch niche expertise in each and every IT sub domain.

According to ITIL best practices

In order to ensure that IT development, support and PMR management is as seamless as possible, we invariably apply ITIL best practices. The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) contains numerous recommendations. Below is a summary of those ITIL best practices that we deem a priority at FlowFactor.

An optimal CI/CD pipeline

Fully concentrating on continuous, automated testing and automatic alerts enables us to rapidly detect any potential errors. Managed service provider FlowFactor can instantly adjust the code and upload it into the central system at regular intervals. Recurring errors are consequently instantly prevented and the time required for test rounds is minimised.

Additionally automating the release processes, enables us to deploy new or customised applications over the entire platform at the touch of a button. And changes are bundled into small batches to simplify troubleshooting in the event of errors. The result? Updates can be released more frequently and the customer feedback procedure is substantially shortened.

Continuous deployment enables us to go one step further than continuous delivery. Indeed, changes are instantly available to end users and customers. And they needn’t install updates in order to receive these. Your customers benefit from continuous optimisation and enjoy enhanced quality on a daily basis.

But also

We don’t believe in purely reactive incident management. Instead we adopt a preventive approach and actively examine how to structurally prevent recurring incidents according to ITIL Problem Management Report guidelines. This creates a more stable IT infrastructure and results in a future reduction in support tickets.

  • error and bug identification and logging via monitoring and automated alert management
  • root cause analysis in order to segment known errors per common cause
  • cost-benefit analysis: resolve and prevent known errors or determine whether workarounds are feasible

Secure, stable and reliable cloud environments are our number one priority. Naturally, we also ensure that these are GDPR compliant and boast maximum data protection.

When 1 phone call is all it takes…

Prefer 1 single point of contact for all your IT and application infrastructure requirements? Discover for yourself what managed service provider FlowFactor can do for you during a non-committal introductory consultation.