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Author:Natan Depauw

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Working at FlowFactor has its advantages. The fact that you’ll be joining an innovative technology company where you get to use cutting edge technology is obviously a key reason for choosing a challenging IT job at FlowFactor. But it’s certainly not the only one. If you were to ask our employees, then our unparalleled team spirit and collaborative environment would definitely feature at the top of their list. Whilst we work extremely hard and continuously hone new skills, we also have fun on the work floor and, when circumstances allow, even treat our teams to something extra… Such as teambuilding activities for example.

Natan’s first FlowFactor teambuilding. A personal report

In June 2018, I set off for the Ardennes on a teambuilding weekend, together with my FlowFactor colleagues and those from our sister companies, Roborana and The Ledger. It had been the subject of office conversation for quite some time. And it proved to be a fantastic experience.

Straight to work on the first team assignment

It all began on a Friday evening at 7pm. Or rather two hours before that, as that’s how long it took to drive to Xhoffraix, the village where we were staying. Our arrival marked the start of my first assignment. My team and I were tasked with cooking spaghetti for all participants. Fortunately we were able to source the sauce from a local caterer. Otherwise it would have taken a lot longer before everyone was served.

After a satisfying meal, we each sought out a place to sleep and made our beds. However, there was certainly no early night in store. The atmosphere was convivial and it wasn’t long before we all ended up in the bar and the basement for a game. There was even some singing and dancing.

A little deeper into the night, some of us decided to explore the swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi. The pool was chilly, as was the jacuzzi. And although welcome after all that dancing, it was the warm sauna that was to provide a better close to the evening. For some of us at any rate. For others the night ended on the dance floor. I finally hit the sack in the early hours, just as dawn was breaking. Day 1 was behind us.

Yep, even a teambuilding weekend involves hard work at FlowFactor!

Adventure where you’d least expect it

Paintball was planned for the following morning. It was a considerable drive to the venue, so we left after a hasty breakfast. The journey was an adventure in itself. Indeed, not everyone enjoyed the long drive through the hilly Ardennes countryside in equal measure. We initially arrived at the wrong place. Which meant another 20-minute drive back to the correct location. With only a half hour of paintball time still available, we decided to look for another paintball venue. Third time’s the charm. Things were surprisingly competitive on the battle field!

Afterwards, we stopped off at Coo waterfall before returning to our accommodation for a well-earned rest. It’s definitely worth a visit, if you happen to be in the area,

That evening, there was a barbecue. With meat and veg galore. Deliciously prepared by team barbecue. Yep, even a teambuilding weekend involves hard work at FlowFactor! Everyone is divided into teams, who each have a specific task to perform. The perfect way for getting better acquainted with new colleagues and actively promoting team spirit.

At FlowFactor you have to earn your colleagues’ respect

You needn’t search far to uncover a little competitiveness at FlowFactor. Later in the evening, several teams challenged each other to a spot of table football, a few rounds of pool or a PlayStation game. And, sure enough, my team won!

The rest of the evening unfurled much like the previous one. With a bite to eat, a drink (or two), and a dip in the swimming pool followed by the sauna. Although, I must admit I did crawl into bed much earlier this time. On Sunday morning we packed our things and headed for home. Thoroughly satisfied, after a wonderful weekend away.

You needn’t search far to uncover a little competitiveness at FlowFactor.

Will you join our next teambuilding event?

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