FlowFactor helps you to speed up the development process, shorten the time-to-market and increase flexibility through infrastructure automation.

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Middleware as a Service

Align people, processes and technology and build a strong IT- infrastructure

Our Middleware Approach

The performance of your IT- infrastructure is all about continuity, scalability and stability. And that’s what our DevOps and Container engineers care about the most. We gain the best results for our clients in configuration, automation and scripting middleware systems for private, public and hybrid cloud servers by focusing on:

  • Streamlined communication between applications and underlying m anagement systems;
  • Proactive problem solving from the core instead of making quick fixes;
  • Smooth distributed data processing.

Your IT-infrastructure has been built, but now support is required. Do you like to do it yourself or do you prefer an all-in managed service solution from FlowFactor? It’s up to you!

Our Container Engineers

FlowFactor engineers are a group of passionate middleware exper ts, surrounded by strong technical leaders in an environment where entrepreneurship is t he main value. We are proud of our IBM Platinum Partnership to ensure quality for our clients. Our open mindset to innovation ensures we can maintain this quality, today and in the future.

The technologies we use:

  • Container orchestration: Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes, EKS, IKS, AKS, GKE
  • IBM and Red Hat middleware, WebSphere and JBoss Technology
  • Open source tools: Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Python, Terraform,…
  • Software: Linux, ELK, EFK, Prometheus, Grafana, Redis, IBM Cloud Pak, …
  • On-premise and off-premise applications (private, public or hybrid cloud)

The services we offer you:

  • Your IT- infrastructure is business secure, safe and always per formant;
  • Your front- and backend system communicate fluently;
  • Fast and flexible application and system management;
  • You always have the latest available updates;

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