Red Hat OpenShift

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Our Red Hat OpenShift approach

Red Hat OpenShift® is an open source container platform based on the Kubernetes container orchestrater. We aim to implement OpenShift in organizations looking for application modernization or planning a shift to a DevOps-centric organizational culture.

OpenShift comes with all the necessary functionalities to provide DevOps, logging and monitoring possibilities, service routing, CI/CD, etc. Red Hat works together with lots of different partners such as IBM, Microsoft and Amazon to ensure continuous quality on every cloud platform. Public, private or hybrid cloud, everything is possible. By offering all the needed open-source tooling, we guard your inner work environment at the same time.

As an official Red Hat partner, our engineers have access to all the necessary tools to stay ahead with recent developments. This enables us to provide quick and qualitative services.

Coders should code

Let’s not forget: OpenShift is built by and for developers. If there is one thing we should agree on, it’s that developers should be developing. Kubernetes was designed for operations, but we don’t want to force our developers to adopt an entirely new skillset.

That’s why OpenShift brings us the solution. Applications can be deployed straight from git to the platform, without having to understand the inner workings of Kubernetes .

The services we offer

  • Orchestration of architectural changes when moving to Kubernetes/OpenShift;
  • A customized OpenShift platform perfectly suited to your needs;
  • Workflow improvement using DevOps best practices and tooling lik e pipelines and automation directly build into
    the platform;
  • Guidance in your migration process from monolith applications to a microservices architecture.

Technologies used with OpenShift

  • Kubernetes, CRI-O
  • Buildah, integrated container registry
  • Pipelines: Jenkins, Source-to-Image(S2I), Tekton
  • Operators
  • Ceph
  • Monitoring/Logging: Prometheus, Grafana, Elastic stack
  • Support for external plugins e.g., DFS FlexVolume storage plugin

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