FlowFactor is part of the Cronos Group, an umbrella organisation connecting numerous technology companies with a passion for innovative entrepreneurship.


Proud member of the
Cronos family

Independence &

Each Cronos venture is an independent and autonomous organisation, but shares resources like administration, HR and legal.
This allows the Cronos ventures to focus on what they do best: delivering quality services and products to their clients.

Active learning &

Innovation is key in the DNA of FlowFactor and Cronos. With support of the Cronos Group we can research new technologies even before market demand has fully matured.
This innovation is powered from the bottom-up by encouraging our employees to constantly broaden their expertise. 

Open &

The Cronos Group is more than just a collection of companies, but rather an open network of dynamic teams with distinct areas of expertise.
This team-based philosophy encourages companies to collaborate and combine their expertise, ensuring our clients’ needs are fully satisfied


A network of
DevOps experts

At your disposal

At FlowFactor, our mission is to bring your organisation to the next DevOps level. But even though the FlowFactor team has a wide-ranging expertise, we frequently include experts from other teams to assist us in our DevOps mission.

Whether you need additional cloud developers or intelligent automation experts to boost your process efficiency, FlowFactor can deliver the required expertise to turn your plans into success stories. FlowFactor remains your single point of contact, and we ensure that everything fits into the bigger DevOps picture. And just like your future applications, our teams can flexibly scale to meet the needs of your organisation. 

Interested in learning more? Check out our Services page to learn more about the services our team offers, or get in touch and we will be more than happy to listen and talk about how we can help your organisation.

Some of our Cronos and external partners we are proud to deliver end-to-end functional and technical solutions with.

Integration Designers

Integration specialists enabling digital transformation by using IBM Integration technologies and solutions.


Sensational team of Java & JavaScript consultants helping organisations forge ahead on their digital journey.


Our partner for Microsoft Azure and Belgium based datacenter services.

GC innovate

GC innovate, Google Cloud Premium Partner, represents the Google community within The Cronos Group and is our go-to partner for all things Google.


One of the European leaders in asset management systems to help companies to set best practices and support them with state of the art Asset Management Information Systems.


Intelligent automation competence center supporting organisations to innovate, digitally transform and make repetitive processes more efficient.


We are incredibly proud of the diverse team of experts we have managed to assemble. Each FlowFactor employee has a unique set of skills but we’re all committed to the same cause: bringing DevOps expertise to our clients.
Interested in joining our team? Head on over to our Careers page and find out how you can join our DevOps dream team! 

Our technology partners


To maintain the technological edge FlowFactor strongly invests in education and training. Our employees receive a generous education budget, allowing them to freely further educate themselves in the areas that interest them most.

This flexibility is one of the core values that we want to show in our organisation. Though we offer only one type of profile, DevOps Engineer, for each client we make the perfect selection from our diverse talent pool to help our clients in the best way possible.