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Proud member of the Cronos & IBizz family

FlowFactor is part of the international nominated Cronos Group, an umbrella organization that connects numerous technology companies with a passion for innovative entrepreneurship.

A few of our Cronos and external partners we are proud of to deliver end-to-end functional and technical solutions with

Integration Designers

Integration specialists enabling digital transformation by using IBM Integration technologies and solutions.


Sensational team of Java & JavaScript consultants helping organizations forge ahead on their digital journey.


Our partner for Microsoft Azure and Belgium based datacenter services.


Specialized in the implementation of Case Management solutions, Intelligent BPM systems and analytics based on IBM technology.


One of the European leaders in asset management systems to help companies to set best practices and support them with state of the art Asset Management Information Systems.


Intelligent automation competence center supporting organizations to innovate, to digitally transform and to make repetitive processes more efficient.

Our technology partners

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