That said, FlowFactor uses four main technical approaches to bring your organisation to the next DevOps level.
via Cloud, Automation,  Application Modernization and Cloud Resource Optimalisation. 



DevOps spans the bridge
between technical and
operational expertise


Scale seamlessly
from zero to
a billion users

Many organisations are looking to the cloud to streamline their IT-infrastructure. And with good reason! Thanks to the cloud, hardware headaches become a thing of the past, allowing you to setup and scale your systems with a click of the button!

Independent Advice

Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Amazon AWS, whatever your platform of choice, we have the experts to guide you through your cloud journey. Thanks to our universal expertise we can offer truly independent advice on which setup best suits your organisation.

Hybrid- & Multi Cloud

Today’s IT-infrastructures are often made up of a complex interlocking web of services and applications. This makes cloud migration of your entire IT infrastructure into an almost impossible assignment. But what if you could partially migrate where it makes sense and retain local control of crucial systems? Or what about mixing cloud providers, combining the best cloud services of each provider? Both hybrid- and multi-cloud fit exactly into our flexible and independent mindset. 


Thanks to technologies like Ansible, bringing advanced automation to your systems is easier than ever. In the past, FlowFactor has used automation to reduce deployment times from weeks to minutes, is your organisation next?


CI/CD, short for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, bridges the gap between development and operations by introducing automation in building, testing and deployment of applications. The end goal is to ensure minimal effort to deploy new code and get it into the hands of your customers. This in turn results in applications that are more up-to-date, more responsive to customer feedback and less time before bug fixes can be shipped.

Lightspeed Intervention

When things go wrong, you want your systems to recover as fast as possible. And with increasingly tight SLA’s, human response times are a luxury that you can simply no longer afford. Luckily, thanks to tools like Azure DevOps’ continuous monitoring, issues can be detected and resolved even before they start affecting your customers!

Reduce deployment
times drastically.


From Stonehenge
monolith to
modern container

Our applications used to be isolated systems built to run on a single mainframe and utilised by a limited number of users. Today’s interconnected systems are vastly different, but many of our application’s architectures haven’t evolved with the times. We help you modernise your architecture and start benefiting from the exciting new possibilities of modern IT practices.

Build Faster – Maintain Better

Because of the interconnected nature of today’s IT systems, it can be an enormous challenge to maintain a single monolithic application. The solution is to break up your monoliths using microservices, APIs and containers. Using technologies like Openshift, Red Hat’s container orchestration platform, allows you to quickly update parts of your application without having to worry about the entire infrastructure. This leads to faster development cycles and ultimately better maintainability for your applications.

Code and Push

An IT architecture is not only defined by the code it contains, but also by how it is deployed into production. Many organisations still deploy and test their software manually, often involving a plethora of approval processes and handoffs between silos. Additionally, the people eventually managing your deployed systems are far removed from the actual developers, leading to issues between development and production. FlowFactor helps break down these silos, streamlining the process between development and production.

Cloud Resource

Cloud benefits
without breaking
the bank

As your digital business has expanded, so has the need to balance performance, security and cost of your website or application. To stay ahead in today’s digital economy, you need to keep a close eye on how your IT resources are being utilized and identify areas where improvements can be made. FlowFactor’s cloud resource optimization service helps you do just that.

Real-time Insight

FlowFactor provides you with real-time insight into how your website or applications are performing. This includes detailed information on hardware usage, server response times and other key performance indicators. With this information, you can identify areas where improvements can be made to improve both cost and user experience.

Scalable Architecture

Having a scalable architecture means that you can easily add or remove resources as your needs change. This allows you to respond quickly to changes in demand, without incurring the cost of over provisioning. FlowFactor’s cloud resource optimization service can help you design and implement a scalable architecture that will meet your future needs.


DevOps spans the bridge between technical
and operational expertise