Meet the demands of the ever-changing digital world  on a technological and organisational level.


Optimize your DevOps
via Cloud, Automation and
Application Modernization.

Speed up
the development

Replace your monolithic applications with containerization tools like Docker and Kubernetes, turning those monoliths into more easily maintainable microservices.

the time-to-market

Adopting DevOps principles can shorten deployment schedules from monthly updates to releasing multiple times a week without issues.

Increase flexibility
through automation

Scalability has never been easier! Combine automation with cloud platforms like Azure or AWS and you get systems that seamlessly scale up or down based on user demand.

The importance of a lean DevOps.

Get the facts.

The world of software is moving ever faster, and organizations need to adapt on both a technological and organizational level in order to keep up with the high digital demands of their customers. This two-fold evolution is often called ‘DevOps’, after both ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’.

The importance of a proper DevOps organisation is especially prominent in larger companies: new software revisions need to go through a lengthy process across multiple departments before they can find their way to the end user. This process is labour-intensive, and can take multiple weeks in some organisations.

Through IT-infrastructure modernisation and the introduction of DevOps practices the time between development and production can be reduced from days to hours or even minutes. This not only means an organisation can save a lot of time (and money), but also that their software products can evolve much faster, and therefore are much better adapted to the needs of their customers.


We are flexible
and scalable

Our goal isn’t to break everything down and replace it with a ‘perfect’ DevOps solution, but rather to guide you further in your DevOps journey in a way that fits you best. Need help with modernizing your applications or a long term support partner? We have you covered.

We have a
multidisciplinary team

Though they all call themselves DevOps engineers, we employ a wide range of experts: from monitoring and security engineer to container specialists and cloud engineers who specialise in platforms like AWS, Google Cloud or Azure DevOps.

We work
in the cloud

The Cloud and DevOps are a match made in heaven, which is why we have specialists in every major cloud platform out there: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud or Google Cloud Platform, we make sure you will get the most out of your platform of choice.

What we can do for your DevOps.

Get the facts.

DevOps is made up of two parts, and FlowFactor focuses on both: On the ‘Development’ side FlowFactor assists and advises on modernising your application structure. We know exactly what it takes to transform applications from unwieldy monoliths to agile and easily maintainable container-based applications.

From the ‘Operations’ side FlowFactor analyses the processes that are built around your application. Typically, an application passes multiple stages and departments before reaching production. FlowFactor uses automatisation to streamline these processes and to make them more efficient.

Cloud is an important part of how we work at FlowFactor: many organisations look to the cloud as a way to amplify the flexibility and scalability of their applications. Want the best of both worlds? ‘Hybrid cloud’ systems allow you to run a part of your systems on local servers to guarantee security. Whatever your requirements, FlowFactor has the expertise to set up efficient, scalable and maintainable systems.




FlowFactor distinguishes itself from the competition through their wide technological expertise. FlowFactor houses experts in every major cloud platform (Google Cloud, IBM, Microsoft Azure) and has a wide-ranging expertise in DevOps related technologies (RedHat OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, etc.). Thanks to this technological versatility, FlowFactor is able to provide independent advice for clients looking to modernise their DevOps architecture. FlowFactor always uses technology as an answer to a business problem, not because of popularity, ensuring you always get the best tools for the job!


To maintain the technological edge FlowFactor strongly invests in education and training. Our employees receive a generous education budget, allowing them to further educate themselves freely in the areas that interest them most.

This flexibility is one of the core values that we want to show in our organisation. Though we offer only one type of profile, DevOps Engineer, for each client we make the perfect selection from our diverse talent pool to help our clients in the best way possible.